Monday, September 29, 2008

Food and Drink

Last night's cocktail:

Chai and Vanilla Vodka (as prescribed by a friend)

8 oz. water, heated
1 scoop chai mix
1/4 cup half and half
Vanilla vodka as desired

Last night's dinner:

The Pioneer Woman's lasagna, caesar salad, garlic bread

Tonight's dinner (feeling a lot more whiskey tango):

Chicken Top Ramen, vodka with Jones Soda Lemon Drop

Need to make a slight disclaimer here for new people on board. I don't drink every night. *grin*


~Corey said...

LOL, Whiskey Tango. Nice!

How was the lasagna?

Mary said...

The lasagna kicked some serious butt. I didn't use the hot sausage that TPW suggests because it's just too spicy for the youngest kids. I used regular breakfast sausage along with the ground beef and a shake of red pepper flakes. It was amazing!!