Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner


It was raining today, so cooking a turkey was not too bad. It made the house a bit muggy but that's okay. It's worth it!

We had the turkey dinner pictured above tonight. Tomorrow night we're having a casserole made in the crockpot with leftover turkey. On Tuesday we'll have turkey soup with homemade turkey stock. I have about 4 more cups of turkey meat to use for a different occasion. I also have a quart-sized freezer bag full of mashed potatoes. I have heard that mashed potatoes are great in soup but I have never tried it.

About a month or so I came across a great frugal tip. Whenever you have something left after dinner that may not be a full serving, put it in a freezer bag or container anyway. I've got one going for vegetables that has corn, broccoli, and peas in it. I figure it'd be great for pasta or for soup.

The only bad thing about making a turkey dinner is the clean-up afterwards. It's a major pain. But it's still worth doing once a quarter or so.

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