Saturday, March 27, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

(Sorry for the crappy quality...I took it with my phone and it's after midnight!)

Here are all of the names written on strips of paper, folded, and put in a bowl. (Don't worry - I wasn't cheating. I was recycling! The reverse side had my notes for a review of one of the wines.) Mr Mary Cooks drew the name and definitely did it blind as I made him do it after he had gone to bed and his glasses were off. Heh. Timing is everything! ;-)

Alena is my winner of the $50 Grocery Outlet gift card! Yay!!! Check out her fabuLESS life here. It's a great blog!


And a special thank you to all who entered the drawing. It was really fun to do and my very first giveaway with special thanks from Grocery Outlet!

1 comment:

Alena said...

Hey Mary,
Got your message on my blog, sent you an email with my mailing address. So excited to get the gift certificate. Thanks for the little shout out on your blog.
Hoping you got my email as I haven't heard back from you yet, and haven't found anything in the mailbox and check every day.