Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pasta Night!

Pasta with marinara and hamburger, salad, and crescent rolls.

This is how to make a typical weeknight dinner in my house.
Salad mix
Jarred pasta sauce
Pasta (in this case, from Trader Joe's)
Crescent Rolls

First I cook the hamburger in a pan.

I decided to add some seasonings. Garlic first:

Then Italian Seasoning:

And, finally, some salt.

Put some water on to boil and salt it. I cover it with a lid so it boils faster.

While the water is heating to a boil and the hamburger is cooking, start the crescent rolls.

Roll them up...

...and manipulate them into a crescent shape as best as you can.

The hamburger is now completely cooked so add the pasta sauce.

Mix the sauce into the hamburger thorougly.

Finish rolling all of the crescent rolls and pop them into the oven.

Meanwhile, start assembling the salad. The lettuce goes into the bowl first.

The parmesan cheese follows the lettuce.

Next, the croutons go in.

Finally, the dressing needs to be added to the bowl.

Mix it all up until the dressing has coated the lettuce.

Once the water is boiling, add the pasta.

Rolls are done so fetch them out of the oven!

Wait for a while until the noodles are done and then drain them with the aid of a colander.

Put the sauce into the pasta...

...and mix it all up!

What is a typical weeknight meal in your house?


Corey said...

Last night was hot dogs. Do you need a play by play?
ROFL @ this tutorial. Love the action shots. One question: did the sauce splatter when you poured it in?

Mary said...

It did. I always stand wayyyy back!

Play by play probably not necessary for hot dogs, huh?

Thanks for commenting!