Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lots of Meals!

Sorry I've been away. I've been cooking, really! Here are some dishes cooked up over the past week:

Pork chops with rice and broccoli (also Mae Ploy sweet chilli sauce - delicious!):

Roasted chicken and potatoes with peas:

(I actually have a step-by-step for this that I should post.)

Sloppy Joe Ghoulish Goulash (this was for Halloween and so yummy!):

Au gratin potatoes with smoked sausages and green beans:

Chicken in Creamy Pan Sauce (a Kraft recipe and, honestly, not that great), green beans, and rice:

The Pioneer Woman's Best Lasagna Ever with Texas Toast (I LOVE this recipe):

Finally, I made my toddler a bento lunch for tomorrow. It's so cute and way more balanced than her lunches usually are. I think I'll stick with this!


~Corey said...

YUM! The pork chops look divine.
I'm going to try that lasagne.

danielle said...

I agree on the pork chops, and the au gratin potatoes w/ sausages. recipes, please!

Heather (Sister) said...

Ohhh Mary, I have the very same Hello Kitty boxes and use them for "grown up" bento boxes that I take for my lunches :) Looks yummy!