Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Black Bean Soup

My friend and coworker told me about this awesome black bean soup. She was right; it is awesome!

Tonight's dinner is featuring my absolute favorite kitchen tool of all time...

...the immersion blender!!

Join me for a culinary adventure that's so simple it's obscene. Vegetarian friendly!

Black beans
Broth (chicken or vegetable)

Pretend I took a picture of draining and rinsing the beans. Here they are in the pot.

Pour broth into a measuring cup.

Make sure it measures 3 cups (you can pad it out with water if you need to).

Pour it into the pot with the beans.

Measure the salsa. It should be about two or more cups. I had to use two of these little 8 oz. jars.

This is what it looks like. Not pretty but that's okay.

Hey, it's that time again! Cocktail time while the pot heats up. I'm sure you think we're lushes. Not really. But it is summer time (according to the calendar, not the November weather we're having).

Wait 'til it's heated up and then in comes the stick blender!

Add the corn to the pot.

Soup's on!

Even my middle son, Mr. "I Hate Soup", loved this soup and had two servings!! My husband also had two servings. The teen is at a school concert and wasn't home for dinner. I loved this soup. It needs a bit of work (cilantro, for one) but it's so delicious for being simple. You should try it!

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