Friday, January 13, 2012

Trader Joe's Finds

One meh, one yeah!

First, the meh:

Freeze Dried Raspberries.
They are very, very tart. They also are very seedy. Honestly, even though the bag is one serving and I was kind of snacking on them all afternoon at work I couldn't finish the bag. Between the extreme tartness (and I usually like tart!) and the excessive seeds there was no way this was a pleasant experience, unfortunately. They are 3 Points Plus for the whole bag.

Now, the yeah:

These fiber bars are kind of like Fiber One's Oats and Chocolate bar only better. Less calories, and actually more chocolate-y. And more peanut butter-y. This was a win-win here. Instead of practically inhaling it like I sometimes want to do with Fiber One bars I savored it. It was really rich and pretty dense so well worth taking my time with it. I actually put it down halfway through eating it. I LOVED it and hope Trader Joe's keeps them around for a long, long time. These bars are 3 Points Plus each and well worth it. (Fiber One Oats & Chocolate is now 4 Points Plus each.)


By the way, HI! :D I am cooking a bit more but my kitchen is small and not very maneuverable. I am doing Weight Watchers again but for real this time. I'm really interested in reviewing food that's WW friendly. It could be a warning or recommendation to others. And you all know I've got an opinion!

I will do other recipes as well. Tomorrow I'm going to cook a WW recipe that I'm going to modify a bit because while it was good when I first made it I think I have a way to make it KICK BUTT. And life is too short to eat things that don't kick butt!


Teechur said...

Oooh! I've wondered about both of those. I'm doing Winning Points (or whatever it's called now) right now too and the points have changed.

Mary said...

Yeah, the points thing is frustrating how they change it every year but that's okay. It's funny they don't have you put in calories for the calculation but it's there since fat, carbs, and protein equal a certain amount of calories each. Plus fiber. Love fiber! Supposedly it will help bring down my high cholesterol (other heart health risk factors low).